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To whiten or not to whiten?

Let’s face it, in today’s culture of vanity and the competition for self image and beauty it is our human nature to go towards things we can do for our own self improvement. From fitness programs and diets to non-invasive procedures. Or a very popular little lift we can give ourselves is improving the brightness of our smile.

Having bright white, fresh and clean looking teeth is a great way to accomplish a little lift in your outward appearance. Not only does your own self image get a boost, you are more likely to want to show off your shiny new teeth with a big laugh, or a more energetic and engaging conversation style. It has been proven that laughter is good for our body and stimulates endorphins, which we all need in our busy lives.

So this sounds amazing right? …and for the most part it is. But, there are always things to consider. It’s like anything that is a forced change, one has to have realistic expectations. One of the most popular whitening procedures is called Zoom Whitening and it is offered at select dentist practices. Like any whitening method, there are a number of applications that you have to undergo to achieve the bright new you! Ok so what are these realities that you have to consider. Well there are a few…

But first lets use common sense.

If you are between your mid teens and your seventies ( which most likely you are ) and your pegs could do with a colour change, there must be a reason why they are yellow in the first place. With regular brushing and periodical dental visits teeth typically don’t just yellow by themselves. They yellow from the environmental conditions we subject our mouths to that make this happen. From years of coffee, smoking, food dyes, and a whole host of other lifestyle habits. So with gradual yellowing taking years to occur many other dental issues arise over this time span as well. From filling cavities, to veneers, bridges, bonding, implants and so on, all of which utilize synthetic substances that are immune to the benefits of whitening.

Now you see where this is leading… YOU HAVE TO BE REALISTIC! Reversing years of teeth torture is not an exact science, and no one case is exactly the same, so in turn, no result is the same. Here is the main tip! Fillings, veneers, bridges, bonding, and implants DO NOT whiten, they lack the natural components that react to the gel and the UVA light. However… on ALL NATURAL teeth there is a guarantee on a lift in colour. The best thing to do is to pop in have us do a quick consultation to provide you all the info you need to make a decision you will be happy with.

It is also good to be aware of other considerations before choosing this procedure. The Gel used for the procedure can effect the root of the tooth, the surrounding gums can cause irritation to those who have sensitive teeth, exposed dentin and fillings that are leaking into the tooth cavity and root. Keep in mind that you may need to have some fillings done before the procedure.

Having said all this, Let’s look on the BRIGHT WHITE SIDE.

Millions of people have had this procedure done with great results that they are happy with. Hey let’s face it, too white can look a little phony, but a bright fresh smile looks fantastic on anyone. With 3 – 4 fifteen minute sessions money can’t be better well spent. you only have one you, so make yourself as great as you can be.

Many of our patients choose this option for their own self happiness and we love to help them smile more and more each and every day. We are proud of the work we do at Fairmont Dentistry and we encourage all our patients and prospective patients to ask us any questions they may have about Zoom Whitening or any of our Sedation Dentistry services.