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So Whats With Toothbrushes?

So whats with toothbrushes? As we move through a state of constant iteration of the classic bristled stick, we often think what are they going to think of next. The sensationalizing of new features is so compelling, big advertising makes us want us to have the latest and greatest. Some brands claim the “more dentist prefer” promise, and some just wow us with new extreme features. And what about those electric brushes? These take the confusion to a whole new level. Some state that sonic waves shake off plaque, and others propose spinning bristles drill your teeth into optimum shape. Then the copycats make hybrids of the aforementioned.

Alright, the question still stands,”whats the best”? Well according to the best dentist in Vancouver, Dr. Mary Lou Campbell, at Fairmont Dentistry, it is a very simple answer. Just make sure it is new enough, and that you use it! She does suggest that it is very important to use the softest bristles to keep your gums in great shape. The only downside to soft bristles is that the brushes don’t last nearly as long; they bend and look old pretty quickly. Also she mentioned the method of brushing. We all like to brusha-brusha with fast hand movements to either get the day started or to get it over with so we can go to sleep. Regardless off our reasons for such haste, we should focus more on our method than on our agenda. Dr. Campbell say slow it down and brush in small circular patterns, and avoid harsh back and forward strokes that wear way the gum line.

Back to the brushes. How do you cut through all the branding and hype that all these products shove into our lives. There are a few little innovations, that do offer some real functional benefits. It is important to get to all your teeth, so curved handles can help with this. The Reach style of brush works quite well to provide the extra leverage to get all the way into the back corners. The brushes with the longer bunch of bristles on the tip really help get in to the nooks and crannies the best. As for the electric variants, they all have one major benefit. We tend to use these longer each time we brush due to the little effort they require form us, and lets face it we are all lazy at brushing time.

The skinny on the brush is to keep them new, use a soft as possible, watch out for your precious gums, and remember to floss (sorry, had to throw that in there).