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Teeth Whitening

Dental Bleaching Treatments

If you are happy with the size and shape of your teeth but would like them to be whiter, then this is the answer. The best and simplest way to improve your smile is to bleach your teeth.

Over time, your teeth will naturally darken as minerals penetrate the outer layer of the tooth. This darkening can be the result of foods and beverages that stain, such as coffee, tea and red wine. Tobacco products also cause teeth to take on a yellowish-brown hue and sometimes drugs, such as tetracycline, when taken in early childhood, will cause teeth to be grey.

Desirable Conditions For Teeth Whitening

Sometimes a single tooth will discolour as the result of an accident or from when it was root canaled. Internal bleaching can also be done to correct the colour of the tooth after the root canal has been completed.
Research over the last five years has proven bleaching to be both safe and effective. Generally the only minor side effect from bleaching treatments may be some sensitivity to hot and cold foods and this symptom normally disappears within 48 hours.

Dr. Campbell’s preferred home bleaching program requires two visits to the office. The first visit includes a consultation and taking a set of impressions for the custom-fit bleaching trays. On the second visit, you will pick up your bleaching trays, whitening gel kit and review the instructions. In approximately two to three weeks, depending on how frequently you wear your trays, you will see a significant difference in the whiteness of your teeth.

Not everyone will achieve the same results. A consultation and teeth cleaning before the whitening process commences is necessary. Fillings, bonding, crowns, and bridges will not bleach. With the natural discolouring of teeth, bleaching is one way for your teeth to return to their original colour or even to a brighter whiter colour.

Bleaching can easily be done with a trip to a dental office for tray bleaching, chairside bleaching or white strips.”prefer tray bleaching since it can easily and inexpensively be touched up from time to time with just a couple of applications. With the cellophane strips or “white strips” many patients have found them to be inconvenient since the cellophane can be difficult to keep in place.”

Dr. Campbell has been whitening teeth for many years. She has used many whitening techniques including home bleaching trays, ‘in office’ bleaching programs and white strips. In Mary-Lou’s experience, each patient requires their own individual program because no two sets of teeth are the same.

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